The “Educational Technology and Electronic e-Learning Systems” Laboratory of the Department of Computer Science and Computer Science is an important pole of research, development, synergy and excellence in the axes and sub-disciplines of educational technology and technology learning systems with proven activity in resource recovery European and national programs, organization of international conference representatives, national representation in European and international Standardization-organisms in the field of learning technologies, participation in committees of national training organizations and lifelong learning (Education Policy Institute).

The mission of the Laboratory is to develop and promote research as well as to strengthen the educational work within the above mentioned scientific areas, with the following main objectives:

  • the establishment of stable research poles and the development of a high level of research work through synergy between its members
  • the linking and enhancing all forms of collaboration with educational institutes, research centers, research teams and researchers in Greece and abroad, if their scientific objectives coincide, go hand in hand and complement each other with those of the proposed laboratory.
  • the creation of a theoretical, scientific and technological infrastructure and the strengthening of an attractive academic environment for the best education in undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to the research objects of the laboratory.
  • covering the needs of educational design and technological support of learning processes at the undergraduate and postgraduate level of the School of Technological Applications as well as the development of teaching and research programs for postgraduate students within the framework of the research objects of the laboratory
  • coordinating and participating in innovative, national and European research and development programs for the methodological and scientific-technical cultivation of the individual research fields related to the nature of the laboratory
  • the creation of poles of excellence and smart specialization in the context of specific Research Units that will emerge from the main axes of activation of the laboratory’s human resources in relation to their funding opportunities and academic achievements.

The Laboratory of “Educational Technology and e-Learning Systems” of the Department of Computer Science and Computer Science serves research and educational needs in the following subjects:

  • Development of methodologies and empirical research to investigate learning processes and acquire knowledge in scientific fields of technological and educational applications.
  • Design, implementation and utilization of technologically supported learning environments, with emphasis on web-based, adaptive, intelligent, modern and asynchronous learning management systems.
  • Development, testing and evaluation of educational software.
  • Design and evaluation of various formal and informal learning frameworks and e-learning programs.
  • Exploiting Web 2.0 and newer tools in education.
  • Design and development of Educational Robotics, Game-based and Mobile Learning applications with Emerging Virtual Reality (VR) and Enhanced Reality (AR) technologies.
  • Analysis and design of Lifelong Learning in subjects of technological and educational applications.
  • Study, formulation and utilization of Quality Frameworks in Education.
  • Algorithms and education data mining & learning analytics.
  • Development and management of open educational resources and open educational resources.
  • Παιδαγωγική κατάρτιση, προαγωγή της εφαρμοσμένης έρευνας στην εκπαιδευτική τεχνολογία και την παιδαγωγική.