1. “Open Academic Courses”, National Project MIS 380444 in the framework of European Operational Programme “Education and Lifelong Learning”. (2013- 2016)

2. “Development of new techniques to support traditional educational procesess”, Project of Information Department, TEI of Athens, under the EPEAEK  National Programme.   (2006-2008)

3. “Development of educational content – Creation and Installation of  Courses in Asynchronous eLearning Platform”, Project of TEI of Ionian Islands. (National Project) (2006)

4. “ΜEDiS:Model design of European Diploma Supplement interfunctionality”,  TEI of Athens Project in the framework of National Programme «ΑΘΗΝΑ 2004». (2005-2006)

5. “Reforming the curriculum with information technologies, online tutorial and expertise through distance learning” of the Department of Energy Technology (Τελείωσε το 2003)

6. “NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND HOW TO USE AND INTEGRATE THEM INTO THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS”, seminar for administration staff and  professors of TEI of Athens.  (2003)

7. “Design and Development of Multimedia Educational Software”, Information Department’s Project under the EPEAEK National Programme (2002-2004)

8. “Development of methods for  Assessing the Department’s Processes”, Project of the  Information Department, TEI of Athens,  under the EPEAEK National Programme. (2002-2004)

9. “Integrated Fundamental Energy Saving Training Organized Software (IFESTOS)”, Project SAVE, XVII Directorate-General for Energy Saving (1999).

10. “Pilot distance learning applications on Finance, Administration and Information Technology using new technologies” under the EPEAEK National Programme, ENERGY 3.1.d.2. (Τελείωσε το 1999)

11. “Techniques for dissemination of productive innovations and the creation of job profiles”, Programme LEONARDO DA VINCI, Directorate – General XXII-for Education, Training and Youth(Τελείωσε το 1999)

12. “Horizontal Energy Renewable Multimedia Educational Software (HERMES)”, Program ALTENER, XVII Directorate-General for Energy (Τελείωσε το 1998).

13. “Units of Excellence of Free Software / Open Source Software – Educational Software “of TEI of Athens and the National Network of Research and Technology (GRNET), funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and the Greek State under the NSRF (2014-2015).