The Lab is equipped with technological equipment and appropriate software to be able to develop innovative research autonomously or in collaboration with other institutions in various research subjects.

More specifically, the Laboratory has laboratory facilities and facilities in two Departments of the School of Technological Applications:

  • Department of Energy Engineering Engineering
  • Department of Computer Engineering

Infrastructure of the Department of Energy Engineering Engineering

The existing equipment of the laboratory includes:

  1. Servers
  2. Personal Computers
  3. Printers
  4. Scanners

The Applied Informatics Laboratory of the Energy Technology Department has implemented through its infrastructures a variety of systems and tools to support educational and research activities (in the scientific scope of the proposed laboratory). More specifically:

  1. implemented and supports a server with its website (
  2. has created a dynamic Sub-System “Statement of Courses”, which allowed students to make their lessons on the Internet.
  3. Has created the “Books” subsystem, which was used to distribute books, based on students’ electronic statements.
  4. Has installed and supported the asynchronous tele-education platform “Electronic Study” through which the teachers were able to electronically support their course by providing the registered students with educational material, exercises, tests and announcements related to the teaching of the course.
  5. It has carried out a series of research projects, such as the Reform of the Curriculum with Computer Technologies, Online Courses and Distance Learning Specialization “of the Department of Energy Technology, 2003,” Developing an Adaptive Collaborative Learning Environment and Stereoscopic Imaging System for Distance Learning through the Internet ” ARCHIMEDIS 2004
  6. Doctoral theses are being developed in the framework of cooperation with the Laboratory of Educational and Linguistic Technology of the National Technical University of Athens.

Infrastructure of the Department of Information Engineering

The Department of Informatics has 8 workshops and oversized equipment (electronic, supervisory and audiovisual) as well as a variety of software tools, mainly educational. Each workshop is connected to a local Ethernet network that connects to the central network of the Department that has two servers. The proper operation of the laboratories and the network system are supported by the Department of Laboratory Management (KSU) of the Department, which has permanent technical personnel exclusively employed for this purpose, as well as a number of students of the Department who prepare their practical training in the KSI.

With the mixed learning model implemented by the Department of Informatics, the use of ICT is an essential component of the learning process. The use of ICT is very important and governs all educational activities. Many of the teaching and management support applications that the Department uses, as well as its website, are the results of student assignments supported by teachers involved in this proposal.

In particular, the Department of Learning Technology ( has been developed by the Department itself within the framework of the EPEAEK I program with a responsible professor participating in the proposal and since then has been expanding its functionality continuously, mainly through graduate degrees its own work. It is used by the curriculum as a cognitive and development tool as a means of communicating the teachers with the students and the students among them as a means of interaction for learning needs and as a means of assessing the courses by the students.