The activities of the Laboratory include:

  1. To conduct research in the fields defined in paragraph 1A.
  2. Conducting surveys related to teaching and research needs at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  3. Any type of cooperation and the exchange of scientific knowledge with other academic institutions or research centres in Greece or abroad, as long as the scientific objectives coincide or complement those of the Laboratory, in a spirit of reciprocity and teamwork. Under the cooperation, teaching and research needs may be covered, of joint inter-institutional partnerships in which the University of West Attica participates.
  4. The organization of scientific conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and exhibitions, as well as the realization of publications and the invitation of Greek and foreign recognized scientists and other personalities.
  5. Cooperation with public sector bodies, local authorities, scientific and social organizations, and international agencies and organizations to contribute on the study and submission of proposals and alternative troubleshooting methods that fall within the research interests of the Laboratory, as defined in paragraph 1A.
  6. Cooperation with the private sector, private laboratories and industries and social policy organizations to compile studies or troubleshooting or the promotion of research in matters falling within the research interests of the Laboratory, as defined in paragraph 1A.
  7. Taking advisory or development projects and studies aimed at meeting the needs of society as well as taking up and implementing national and international research projects.
  8. Reforming Curricula with Information Technologies, Courses on the Internet and Specialization in Learning.
  9. European and International Certification in Information Technologies and Communication (ICT) for learning, education and training.
  10. Organisation of training programs, training or specialization for educators or scientists who wish to become educators.
  11. The preparation of studies and technical specifications for the services of the University of West Attica and other private and public bodies on matters relating to scholarly subjects of the Laboratory, as defined in paragraph 1A.
  12. Any other provision of services according to academic ethics to the subjects defined in paragraph 1A.